Stories of love, loss, abuse and healing.
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HeadshotPaloma Renee Palau grew up in a small town where she began writing short stories at a young age, creating characters in her interest to explore human emotions and experiences. She dives into poetry to face the roots of her pain and discover how to heal. She writes of love, aching, abuse and healing in the hopes that others may feel less alone. She has worked in creative production for film and television and finished her first screenplay this year. Paloma currently resides in Los Angeles with her partner Victoria and their two dogs. Soft is Paloma’s debut poetry collection.

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i turned you into art
after you left
it was my last effort
to bring you back to life

you ask me why
i no longer make
love poetry
i am too ashamed to say
i cannot bear to
write the words
the person i loved
took back


it is an art
to forgive
sometimes we
have to paint
the apologies


if love is not blooming
it is withering
there is no
in between
things die by this confusion


you remind me of the elegance in the way the sun dances through my window sill. illuminating walls unknowingly, without effort. the sweetness in your lips gently gliding with mine. as if time drips off of us and we are simply here, existing. the honeybees dancing for the desire of the taste of you. sunflowers that remind me of the intricacies of your design. so inescapable, so unique. but the sun no longer dances through my window sill and the honeybees still search for you it is too hard to tell them you are not coming home.

when you left, my world went with you



the depth at which you broke me
is now the depth at which i love



as a writer
i am meant
to create space
for art like you


i long to be the hope
you waited for
in everything
that has broken you



you are the still water that calms my soul
the fire that ignites in my chest
the perfect mix of earth that keeps me grounded
you are all of the elements combined


is it worth being soft
you ask me
i smile
what has more worth
than the ability to love