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I drip from the outside in
The blood pours backward
Under my skin
Until it reaches my throat
And I choke with pride
Swearing there’s nothing you don’t know
But it overflows inside me
Like I’m drowning in some backyard pool
but no one hears it
I don’t want them to
But you see how it seeps
Through my ink
But I don’t want you to

Now my sorry heart feels you lying on my chest
But I don’t want to grieve like you ask me to
I’d rather keep it stored in someone else’s mind
Where it can safely be compiled into things no one can touch
But now youre digging under my skin
With soft fingertips and a gentle kiss
And now im confused because I cannot categorize my feelings for you
I try to hold them
but instead they seep like wet paint through my fingertips

And I panic at each drip
As I start watching my feet cross lines I didn’t know were there
Until I’m running in some direction I deem safe
Knowing it won’t take you long
To feel my troubled breathing
Like you’re chasing me down some childhood street
That I’ve tried so hard to forget
Where I have visions of who I swear I was
before we met

You would have liked her
I used to think
You would have loved her
I’d like to think
She would have written you poetry
And let you under even bruised skin
Now im barely feeling some random body underneath me
Just to let you go discreetly
Now I feel responsible for those broken parts
That I let grow with time

Now I’m on my knees trying to gather bits of my heart
Before you notice where you are

now i don’t know where you are.


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