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You say she can’t see how your brain matter screams
how your regrets line up perfectly on top of me
you say she can’t lick up your mess
under stairways of flickering lights that bend with my fingertips
but I’m a stupid girl looking for promises
as smoke drips down your cheeks
and you say it’s better if no one knows
so I swallow her name and try not to choke.

But your knuckles taste like her
and copper fills my lips as we kiss
the regretful warmth from the way you lean
on my shoulder spreads across my skin
your hair grazing slowly on my neck
as I clean up the blood from the corners of your mouth
with my white shirt that stains each time I try to untangle the lies in your fragile mind
but you insist
and you insist
until there’s honey trickling down my skin.

You say she can’t fuck you like I can
you say she can’t write about you like I can
but she has all your love
while I have lines too graphic for anyone to read
and too lovely for your eyes to see.

Promising you’d let me go
now you’re swearing up and down your hands can’t resist my throat
as I repeat your sadistic name
under love no one will claim
as the lights dim and my mind can’t resist
I let my cheeks fall into your shoulders
and my mind forgets the way it hurts to breathe
knowing ill be the reason I bleed out through my throat
as you hold me down and whisper “it only hurts when you scream.”

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