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I didn’t think I asked for much
But I felt a sting in your eyes
And I heard my heart start to beat
to a melodic, numbing sound

Expectation after expectation you shattered down with a bloodied rock
Try to make it so the click of your fading footsteps is normalized like clockwork
Walk away, don’t stay, turn around and you’ll go

But did you know that my sky no longer looks the same since I met you
Clouds weigh heavy as reflections in my eyes
Like I’m linked to some intrinsic thought of how you must have been before we met
So holy and loveable and yet you tore at your own fragile spin insisting it was some demon’s work

And now I’m waiting for your heart to beat like the rhythm of these sparks you said were so rare to find
A ticking pattern that drives me in circles every time you throw weights at me, insisting if I drown a bit more then finally so will you
But I scream inside my brain for some chemical imbalance to shift me away from fingers that tear without caution
“There is nothing left”
“There is nothing left”
“There is nothing left”

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