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she eradicates me from hopelessness
is it possible that her bones are like barbed wire
drenching through my skin unto my muscle until with the smallest flinch i can feel her
the way her lips crease upward
when she’s about to laugh
when she laughs too hard and has to clench her chest to breathe
doesn’t she see that i do that everytime she mouths the words “i love you but not enough”
i think she’s not looking at me like she used to
overanalyzing flinches of her arm, the way her eyes move to the left, marks on her neck that might not be mine
im a hypocritical disaster who preys on those who make pain look so pretty
but she likes to say “i’m only yours” as she unties the rope that connects me to her
and she says that she’ll always be here as her footsteps move backward and her hands grip onto something i never saw was there
a solid stance
leaving shaky ground for the weak
as I slip on wet pavement trying to carve our initials in before it dries,
before she disappears.

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