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Sometimes I wish you held on
Even when my fingers separated themselves from yours
And I looked at you how a fallen star must look at the sky late at night
Why did you let me go if you said you wouldn’t be the same without me
But skies always change colors
Depending on the day and the time and the amount of city skyscrapers
So I can’t be mad that clouds shifted and the sun set and I no longer looked as good in a different light
And that’s on me for thinking the dark could cover scars and bad habits
But now I’m changed
And you say so have you
But I don’t know how to fit back into a space that no longer feels real to me
because I made that sky into a story so I didn’t have to accept it wasn’t my choice it disappeared
But now I look down at my hands and no longer see myself when trying to fit back under it

You know
I always wanted to say I love you to the moon and back
But maybe now that’s just too far.


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