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You’re like honey and the sweetest form of soap
bubbles I want to pop with my tongue, the kind that pleasantly sting
but you still watch me as I daydream
and I still want to be the one that rolls up your sleeves early in the morning
the kind that unravel by the time you come home
and maroon is a nice color on you
the dark shade that swirls as I hear your mind tick
when you can’t sleep and you stay up staring at ceilings
but I could love you inside out and and upside down under covers
where no one really knows how we wake up
because sometimes dreams worry you
and I’d hold your hand even when you say you don’t need me to
and you’d hold my hips as if they’re the only kind you’ve known
but I know you like to be alone
and I won’t ask you not to leave
I simply want to be your safety when nightmares light you up
and you’re not quite sure what they mean
I’ll wait in the dark
dim my daydreams
until it’s really you.

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