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here’s the thing with being your friend
late at night i think of you on top of me,
tugging at your collar and asking you to stay
i can play with your ghost and pretend i can do it all alone
daydream about you fucking me
looking into my eyes and begging to be closer

but you put my love to the test and ask me to lie
“no i don’t think of kissing your throat”
i’ll whisper quietly as you look at me
i’ll pretend our eyes don’t meet and i’ll keep my distance
when you hold open the door
i’ll insist “I’m not your girl” and you’ll laugh and say “in your dreams,”
with truth in both of our throats

you’ll say goodbye
and i’ll tell myself not to linger
knowing you probably won’t call for weeks
and maybe your ghost is the only thing I’ve truly come to know
and the person in front of me is simply the only thing i can see
and my daydreams have caught up to me
and reality is tying itself around my throat
but what if it’s really you I love?
what if I’m sure it is?

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