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to right another’s wrong

Sometimes it takes a while for it to hit you, recounting every time you tried to understand and make light of their wrong because you loved them. But to understand someone does not mean slowly killing yourself. If someone creates an unhealthy situation for you, and if someone insists that the only way to truly love them is to disrespect yourself and allow them to hurt you, walk away. You deserve a lover and you deserve a friend who can’t stand to see you in pain, who respects you as if you are a part of them, who ensures a comfortable place you will not want to leave. Do not let people normalize hurtful “love” and disrespectful behavior, do not allow people to make you question your own self worth because of their half hearted love and knack for selfishly blurring lines, do not allow people to manipulate you with false logic so they can rid themselves of blame and turn the tables on you. Your feelings are valid and deserve to be heard, and someone who can see the hurt in your eyes and not change a thing, does not deserve to see you at all.



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