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not sure why people claim the devil stole their soul
if only for a moment in the darkness when you kissed her thighs
and lit a cigarette in honor of the bed you just made
the one you’ll always refuse to own up to
and when she blames your condemned soul
you’ll say “fuck you”
because lying is your first thought and how dare she think otherwise
but the truth is never quite done with unforgiven sinners
because even if she doesn’t know, the smallest empathetic part of your body will
and you’re no devil in disguise
you’re just human
and selfish
and you let dark blood churn inside you
as you watched innocence crack in her eyes
claiming it wasn’t you in her reflection
but the devil will always come to collect
angry at messy impersonators who think they know pain
and you’ll feel blood sliced across your neck
a hell personally made for someone like you
but you didn’t mean to, you didn’t mean to, you didn’t mean to,
but the truth is obsolete when blood drips onto your feet and you have flashbacks
that make you go numb
and some people will argue that is worse than pain,
to not feel anything at all.

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