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don’t go

we were twin flames who set fire to our bodies and watched each other burn
radical lovers with a knack for holding daggers and ruining each others days
i know you silently liked it that way
maybe thats the only way we’d actually survive

but i know you prefer
another type of girl
so we’ll be friends
and we both know what that means
we’re fucking tonight while you touch my thighs and tell me you lied

getting closer to my red cheeks as i try to touch your face and look in your eyes
instead i’ll grab your hands and put them up my shirt
until you understand you’re not alone
you’ll ask
what do you want from me
and i’ll lie and say
i just want to be the girl you leave in the middle of the night

because every time you go
i know you’ll feel it somewhere deep in your chest
if only for a minute
thinking of that quiet street where we fell asleep
my head on your shoulder
where i started hopelessly writing romantic poetry
that only survived in my best dreams
the vivid ones where you loved me the same
and couldn’t help but stay.


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