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she got in my head
the night she spent underneath me
but i swore even if i loved her i wouldn’t let it show
but my brains rhyming out her name
in synonyms i start to accidentally say
but shes got others
and i’ve got a soft side i’m hiding in this light
but she’s laughing and jumping on my bed and I’m asking her to stay the night
laughing as i pull her down
pretend my hands don’t want to wrap around her waist,
closer to me now
and i swear on my life i can’t let myself feel a thing tonight
her head on my shoulder
but she’s already got me figured out
and it’s not her fault
she asked me for something that wasn’t love
but i found romance under her sheets
as i kissed her soft hips
and prayed my heart would just stop
as i tried not to look at her like this
but she’s a weak spot for me
the kind she can’t quite see
the kind
I have to remind myself
i’ll never be.

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