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You watch.

You watch as she gives you her own perfect heart. Out of her beautiful chest and into her open palms as if she’s saying trust me because I trust you, love me because I love you. “I’ll go first so you don’t have to” she says with her soft eyes as she looks up at you. Yet in truth she expected nothing back.

You look down with hesitation. “If she’s giving it to you,” you think “then it wouldn’t be stealing right?”

But you don’t have to be a thief to break someone’s heart, and someone doesn’t need to be a thief to take yours.
But you were careless
you neglected and rejected and replaced
just as you were before.

You had only broken parts to give
unsure of what to do with them
thinking maybe they would find their way back together in the presence of her love
but it’s often all too late
after something more is shattered too
after she is long gone with a heart you broke
loving someone who would never break her to begin with.

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