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Sometimes I wonder if you swallowed me whole
and I just couldn’t taste it
your fingers in my mouth
so nothing could really hurt
as the pounding of your wary footsteps
soaked into my bedroom carpet

but I can’t prove to you when blood drips on the inside
and you say “Darling, this shouldn’t hurt”
because you’d lead as we danced on ice
with bare feet
but you’d never forget to offer me your sweater
and don’t think I don’t remember
all the good things I can’t forget

but spotlights scared you
so I’d adjust the lighting
as though it was the scenery
and not me
you were unsure of
because I’d like to call you mine
but I’d watch as your face changed
as though it was the hardest thing to hear
and I wondered how
I could find myself in footprints
I had already made years before
with new hands
that no matter what
would never truly reach out for me
so leave, leave, leave
with a calm lack of consideration
that’s too subtle for me to taste
and let me equate your love
to something that doesn’t feel
like internal breakage
because you pronounced the word love
asking me to stay
with a rhythm of trust
i only thought i heard

now I’m broke
on some floor
freezing at the thought
that maybe it’s as simple as
mean it”
wanted to.

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