1. The last time I was on WordPress was when I was forced to be for university coursework, but I suppose by some trick I ended up here again – but I am so grateful that I did. I pretty much devoured everything you’ve written on here, ha-ha. Your writing is beautiful, passionate and utterly enrapturing. I suppose I wanted to tell you that, and to thank you, because your blog reminded me (the millennial English teacher with a fairly illogical aversion to technology) of the power that comes with writing and self-publication, and it is the reason I think I will have my students create their own blogs this year to publish their writing. I think they will love it. TItle I kids don’t often have much to call their own, so thank you.

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    • That is so sweet of you to say. Your words mean so much. Personally, it is so nice to have an outlet to express myself and publishing it on some type of platform encourages me to finish my works, which in turn finalizes some sort of reflection and release I need. Thank you for your lovely comment, and that is so neat about your students, I definitely encourage it! 🙂


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